Thursday, October 28, 2010

Consider These Before Starting a Weight Loss Journey

Before embarking on any weight loss journey, there are some questions one should ask them-self  All of which, should be thoroughly considered before giving an honest answer.

These include:

Do I know HOW to eat ?
Meaning, do you eat foods that temporarily satisfy your immediate urge (hunger or craving), rather than foods that aim to satisfy your urge for an extended period?
Am I making excuses for increases in my body weight?
E.g. "Having children changed my body making it difficult for me to lose/maintain weight." 
What problems in my life can I attribute to my body weight? 
E.g Back pain? Depression? Diabetes /Pre-Diabetes [Type II]? Low self esteem? etc
Are these problems reversible through weight loss? 

Am I going to lose weight because I W-A-N-T to or because I N-E-E-D to or because I was T-O-L-D to?
Chances are, you will have more success on your journey, if it is based on you wanting to lose the weight as oppose to, feeling you have no choice in the matter.
E.g. I'm sure I would be soo much popular if I were lean, toned and 35 lbs lighter.
Is my initial target weight realistic in the short term ? 
E.g  "I am aiming to be 10 lbs lighter within first 3 months of my weight loss journey

I often feel the only way I would really lose 'the' weight is by being on the Reality Television Series The Biggest Loser ? 
With all things considered, if the answer to the this question in particular is YES. You are not seriously ready  to take the first step in effective weight loss. The Biggest Loser, whilst they employ the help of Medical Practioners and Fitness Trainers, they promote unhealthy  weight loss methods and routines (extended hours of rigourous exercerise, coupled with a severly restricted diet (1 200 calories/day??). For anyone to lose huge amounts of weight (100+ lbs) within 6 months give or take, is damaging to one's muscles, metabolism and other selected organs.
Regardless to say, a through self evaluation is needed before taking the first step to lose weight. It's so easy for anyone to say they want to lose weight, but if the right amount of self motivation is not there, then the committment required for long term weight loss will not be sustained.

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