Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Workout Routine-I love exercising!

I love exercising so I created the workout calendar below
 On the days I workout I place a tick on the day. At the end of the month I tally the days and write it down.  This helps me keep track of how many times for the week/month I exercised. Trust me, doing this keeps me motivated.

I workout at home for a total of 40-50 minutes about 3 to 6 days a week.  I prefer to workout either at night (post 6 pm) or mid-morning (10 or 11 am). Working out at night helps me sleep a lot better. I love workouts that leaves me dripping with sweat during and after.  Hence the  reason, I enjoy Cardio-Dance routines and Body Weight/Resistance Training workouts.  Admittedly, since I found Billy Blanks Jr. cardio dance workouts on Youtube I have been addicted to cadio dance routines. They are fun and a great way to get the heart-rate pumping before engaging in resistance training/body weight exercises.  Along with Billy Blanks Jr. workouts, I enjoy Tiffany Rothe Workouts and POP Pilates.

Nevertheless, my fitness goals are to increase my flexibility, tone up (build muscle) all around and to perform 10 full push ups in a row (since I cannot do a full push up).

Here are some of my favourite workouts/workout videos: 
☀ For my WARM UP, I do the Buns of Envy Warm Up. I love the addition of the weights, I use 3 lbs hand weights and it totally gets my heart rate up. 

☀ For my BUTT, I love Quick Buns by Buns of Envy. This workout is only 5 minutes but it is a killer, especially coming down to the end. Your bum will burn.               

    ☀ For my ARMS and BACK, I enjoy this one by Cassey Ho of Blogilates (POP Pilates). This workout uses only your body weight but it seriously kills your arms and upper back. Your arms will be sore the next day.  POP Pilates: Backless Dress Workout 

☀ For my WAIST, I love this one by Tiffany Rothe. This workout is 10 minutes of fun and the movements are simple but your sides and middle back  area will be sore the next day or two. 10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout

☀ My favourite intense, FULL BODY WORKOUT is by Tiffany Rothe called The Mountain Climber. All the jumping and squatting in this routine seriously, tires you out before the 10 minutes is up. You will feel the burn.

☀ For Cardio-Dance, my absolute favourites at the moment are:
This 15-minute Dancing with the Stars-Freestyle routine by Lacey Schwimmer. The routine is fun, involves a full range of movement and is quite easy to grasp. I tried others like the Cha Cha with Maxism and a Jive one  but those were hard to follow.  
The others I enjoy are:
1) Billy Blanks Jr Samba - 10 minute
2) Billy Blanks Jr Cardio Soul - 10 minutes  and 
3) Billy Blanks Jr Cardio Dance workout- 10 minutes.
 All Billy Blanks Jr. cardio routines will have you smiling, sweating and breathing heavy at the end.                      
1) When I workout I tend to focus on my butt, legs, arms, waist and back. I rarely do 10 minutes of abs workouts because I am not a fan of full floor exercises
(laying down).
2) My workout routine is as follows:
  ☑ Warm up for 5 mins,
  Then do a 10-15 min cardio routine,
  Followed by 5 - 15 mins of resistance/body weight 
      exercises and
  ☑ Cool down or stretch for 5 mins

P.S. I found all these lovely workouts on Youtube.  


Jessica Stewart said...

Hearing from someone how she loves exercising is truly a great treat! I commend you for taking the right amount of time into keeping fit and taking care of your health. As there are a lot of routines out there, it's best to first identify your fitness goals and how you want to go about it before jumping on the threadmill, or lifting some weights. Thank you for being an inspiration!
Jessica @ She\'s Fit

The HealthNut Corner said...

Thank you for the kind words Jessica. Achieving your fitness goals requires dedication and time but keep on track.

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