Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interesting Reading: What Does My Pee & Poo Mean?

"What goes in, must come out!" That is how the saying goes. The following are unconventional books that seek to explain such functions.

Details:This book is written by two men with long standing fascinations for poop and other bodily functions. This fascination, led of one of them to acquire certification in such field. One of the authors became a medical doctor of gastroenterology. 

However, based on the reviews on Amazon, this book would be a worthy addition to one’s book collection. It is very informational, funny and an interesting read. For a bonus, there is also an activity book filled with various types of puzzles and illustrations.

Side-note: Gastroenterologist is a person who specialises in the diagnosis & treatment of disorders of the digestive tract.
This book is written by the same people who brought you ‘What's Your Poo Telling you?’ Based on the reviews from purchasers of the book, it is classified as a light read; all the while proving to be informative, entertaining and easy to understand.

Now, if you are a fan of Japanese toilet technology or ever wondered what toilets look like in other countries, then this book would make an interesting read.  Judging from many videos posted on youtube about toilets; from the direction of the swirl when flushed to toilet music/art
This book is filled with multiple images and explanations relating to the design and history of the toilet. It is indeed, an interesting way to experience a different culture and know what to kind of toilet to expect when visiting certain countries.

This book is an illustrative guide that helps you detect the perpetrator or source of the foul odour. Judging from the reviews, the book will have you laughing out loud.

Be sure to check out these books in your local library, book store or online. If you are already familiar with these books, share your views below.

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