Sunday, February 22, 2015

Say Yes! To Physical Activity

If you are not physically active and considering of starting, keep in mind the first step is always the hardest.

It is important to find activities that work for you, that suit your range of movement and your schedule. Honestly, you do not need to run marathons in order to gain the health benefits of physical activity! However, it's best to first start by determining what your fitness goals are, write them down and then find an activity or activities that can help you reach those goals. Be sure to include a time-frame on accomplishing these goals; this will help you keep motivated.

Some fitness goals for beginners include:

  • To strengthen my abdominal area
  • To walk for 30 minutes at moderate pace, without getting out of breath
  • To increase flexibility in the joints
  • To do 5 beginner push-ups without assistance
  • To do 20 minutes of jump rope without getting tired

  • Regardless your fitness level, keep in mind 'fitness is about finding and recognising our inner strength, balance and flexibility, in order to enhance your appreciation of your body.' (source)

    All body types can be a yoga body! (Buzzfeed)

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