Monday, April 6, 2015

Snacking!! Oh H**K Yeah!

Snacking  often gets a bad reputation. Truth be told, snacking can actually serve a purpose in one's diet. Snacks are meant to bridge the gap between the main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Healthy snacks can keep energy levels up during the day and keep you from binging or over indulging at the next meal. The best snacks contain a combination protein, fibre and healthy fat. The trick is to pack in nutrients without packing in a lot calories.
Try these tips for healthy snacking:

1) Fruit or vegetables with peanut butter
PopSugar: Hummus & Cucumber slices
PopSugar: Apple & Nuts
2) Whole-grain crackers with sliced avocados
eatfresh4life: Cracker and Avocado
3) Whole-grain crackers with peanut butter or avocado or hummus

wecanbegintofeed: Crackers & Peanut butter
4) Low-fat cottage cheese or plain yoghurt with fruit bowl
Omnomally: Cottage Cheese with Fruit

realsimple: Watermelon "Fries" with a yoghurt dip

5) Vegetables with Tuna Salad
Clean & Delicious: Tuna Salad in Cucumber Boast
6) A handful of lightly salted nuts or roasted legumes -e.g almonds, peanuts, roasted channa.

CaribbeanPot: Roasted Channa 
SuperHealthyKids: Roasted Green Peas

With that said, go forth and have fun adding wholesome snacks into your diet.

 Keep in mind:"There’s a big difference between a snack and a treat. Always snack smart!” Kelly Whalen, RD @BalanproPortion 

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