Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snacks vs Treats

Did you know: There’s a big difference between a snack and a treat.  Always snack smart!” Kelly Whalen, RD @BalanproPortion 
Treats are foods that contain empty calories meaning they provide the body with a large amount of energy and very little nutrition (e.g. low in fibre, vitamins and minerals). Treats are high in added sugars, processed fats, artificial flavours, artificial colours and or sodium thus, making it easy to overindulge.
 Limit treat consumtion to once a week event.

, snack on foods that are packed with nutrients
(e.g. water, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A, protein etc.), low in added sugars, sodium, and contribute to your daily dietary fibre intake. These are called smart snacks. Smart snacks can be consumed everyday just be mindful of the portions.
☛ Limit smart snacks to 1 to 2 portions a day; if you have a high physical activity level then more can be included.

 Here are some vibrant examples of smart snacks:
Smart Snack #1: Paw paw chunks with Sweet Cream
 Image source

Smart Snack #2: Whole wheat mini bagel topped with peanut butter & pecans and fresh fruit
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Smart Snack # 3: Multi-grain cereal, fruit & Yoghurt Parfait
(Be sure to use Full-fat plain yoghut instead of fat-free used in recipe)
Smart Snack # 4:Coconut Mango Lollies
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