Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Food Label Detective: Holiday Snack Ltd- Exotica Gourmet Trail Mix Yoghurt Delight

Generally, trail mix is a high calorie, high fat, fibre-rich addictive snack, if you are into the sweet and salty flavour combinations. The trouble with trail mix is the serving size, 1 bag or pack of trail mix often contain at least 1 serving. The portion eaten by the average consumer is generally, 1 pack or 1/2 a pack (depending on the size of the pack). Resulting, in an excess of calories, fat and added sugars being consumed mindlessly in one sitting.

It would be practical, if manufacturers were to package trail mix in 1 ounce serving size packs, to reduce the nutritional confusion faced by consumers but 1 ounce of trail mix is very small.

Regardless, Holiday Snack Food Limited's: Exotica Gourmet Yoghurt Delight follows in the steps of other commercially available trail mix by containing :

2 servings in the 60 gram pack
    (1 pack contains 240 calories, 8 grams fat, 18 grams sugars and 6 grams protein )

 Controversial ingredients such as hydrogenated oil (trans fat), artificial colours and artificial flavours

 Added sugars- it contains 3 types of added sugar minus the one in the oat crisp and sweetened cranberries (These are highlighted in the image above)

It should be noted:

The dietary fibre content of the product is unfortunately absent along with real yoghurt (and its proposed benefits). The yoghurt powder in this product, simply imparts a nutritious connotation, hence the reason for it being integrated within the title of the snack.


This product is a sweet, tasty and high-calorie snack that can be included in ones diet in a relative portion as a mid-day snack, or added to oatmeal for some texture and flavour or used to make home-made granola/muesli bars.  If you do not want to consume 230 calories, 8 grams fat and 18 grams of sugars in one sitting, then eat half of the pack in one sitting and save the rest for another day.  

(Ingredients & nutritional information sourced from the product's food label)

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