Monday, May 18, 2015

4 Things To Make You Feel GREAT EVERYDAY!

Drinking plain water is a good starting point to keep hydrated  throughout the day but water in the diet can come in many nutrient-rich forms. Boost your daily nutrition by adding a variety of nutrient-rich foods that have a high water content. Check out the video 'Importance of variety for hydration' by The European Hydration Institute for more details.

The average adult needs at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of activity each week. While choosing not to exercise is an easy option, always choose to engage in some form of physical activity. Physical activity not only benefits your skeletal frame but works to decrease your stress hormones and contributes to your peace of mind. 
Weekly workout schedule
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Eating 7 or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day reduces your risk of death at any point in time by 42%.
Here is an example of what 9 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit looks like in one day
Breakfast:  Cooked Eggs, Crackers and Salad
Lunch: Steamed Vegetables with Fried Fish
Dinner: Sautéed Mixed vegetables, Cucumber cgunks, Cinnamon Plantain and Rice
A.M. Snack: Steamed Vegetables, Chicken Finger and Sweetbread
P.M. Snack:Yoghurt, Granola, Strawberries and Raisins
My 1,800 kcal  food intake diary.
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 Sleep is anything but a waste of time. Too little sleep (< 6 hours) and too much sleep (> 10 hours) increases risk of developing chronic diseases. Too little sleep has shown to hinder ones ability to regulate their appetite efficiently, resulting in persons being at risk of being overweight.

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