Sunday, July 26, 2015

10 Healthy Foods I Dislike & Regret Buying

 Chia seeds & chia pudding - 
The gooey texture and appearance is off putting. I do not mind using it within muffin batters.
☑ Pricey
② Hemp Seeds-
The soft texture of the seeds is great but the strong musty (earthy) taste is not welcomed. When added to smoothies or oatmeal it imparts a noticeable taste. I however, enjoy and find hemp milk quite tasty.
☑ Pricey
③ Stevia-
The brand of stevia I bought is not 100% stevia and this may be why the product has a bitter taste that is quite noticeable.
☑ Pricey

 Coconut Flour
Boy, oh boy, Coconut flour is one of the most challenging gluten-free flours I have tested out. It soaks up a lot of water, it requires a binder (e.g. egg),  products made with it can have a grainy texture, etc. etc. I honestly, made  3 recipes with this and I gave up. 

⑤ Unsweetened Almond milk (homemade or store-bought)-
I will  stick to chewing my almonds, considering it is packed with more nutrition that unfortified almond milk per ounce.

⑥ Seaweed
This tastes like a mix of the ocean and fresh salt-water fish; not my favourite flavour combo.

 Carielle or Bitter melon-         
The vegetable, despite it's health and nutritional properties is really bitter. It smells really good when fried but the bitterness is just to strong for my taste buds. 
It tastes bland when cooked without herbs or spices but the miniature seeds are creepy.
☑ Pricey
 Coconut oil and Olive oil
These impart a strong flavour on foods. I will stick to sesame oil and use coconut oil and olive oil in my hair.
Whole-wheat /Whole-Grain
The whole-grain versions of grain products  e.g. whole-wheat coucous, whole-wheat pasta and whole-wheat wraps have strong and bold flavours.  I would rather limit my consumption of the refined versions, that purchase the whole-grain version. The whole-grain versions are also quite pricey 
☑ Pricey
These are the health foods, I do not enjoy and in some cases regret purchasing.

Thank you for reading! 
What are the health foods you dislike?
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