Saturday, December 5, 2015

Grain Confusion Part 1: Gluten-Free Grains

The Grain Series:
 Refined Grains, Whole Grains, Gluten-Free Grains, Ancient Grains and Grains with Gluten

Thinking about going gluten-free? 
Regardless the reason for going gluten-free, the first place to start is by knowing the grains that naturally (or via contamination) contain this protein.
Below are two posters illustrating the grains commonly consumed that contain gluten (poster 1: Avoid) and those without gluten (poster 2: Safe to eat, unless contaminated with gluten).
Grains Containing Gluten (Avoid their by-products as well)

These gluten containing grains can be found in pastas (macaroni, elbows, spaghetti etc.), cous cous, bread, crackers, pastries, cookies, breakfast cereals, biscuits, cake mixes, instant sauces, frozen foods etc. Always read the food label and ingredient list of all packaged products.

Grains without Gluten (Safer to eat, unless contaminated with gluten)

It should be noted, these grains are free of gluten but many of them cannot be used as a direct replacement for wheat in many recipes.

Here are some meal ideas using these gluten free grains: Pinterest Board: Grain-Free Haven and Porridge Ideas

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