Sunday, July 26, 2015

RE: 6 Foods with More Protein Than an Egg

This post is in response to the Eat This, Not That article about 6 Surprising Foods with More Protein Than an Egg.

I enjoyed the fact that they provided alternative fibre-rich, plant-based protein sources (excluding the cheese) and informed us (the readers) about the micro-nutrient (vitamin/mineral) properties. My issue with the article relates to the claim 'these foods contain more protein than an egg'. On one hand, the claim is valid but on the other, it is somewhat misleading.

When examined on a per meal basis, it is practical for one to consume 1 large (64 g) boiled egg by itself or paired with other foods. After-all, 1 large egg is equivalent to 1 serving of protein according to most national food guides. This cannot be said for the other foods listed (excluding the cheese).

 1 serving of pumpkin seed is 35 g (1 oz.)
 1 serving of kamut, uncooked is 42 g (1/4 cup) and ½ cup when cooked 
 1 serving of chickpea flour is 42 g (1/4 cup)
 1 serving of spinach, raw is 29 g (1 cup)
 1 serving sun-dried tomatoes is 4 pieces (14 g)
 1 serving cheese is 1 oz. (1 slice)

The quantities listed for some of the foods in the article contain more than one serving size, which is not a bad thing; if consumed throughout the day. However, the fact that most of these options are fibre-rich, make it challenging to consume in one meal.

 Another issue with the article is that some of the protein content listed relates to the raw and uncooked form of certain foods. This is true for the spinach and kamut. Kamut like many grains, digestibility increases once cooked.
 1 serving of cooked kamut contains 5 g protein; not more than an egg.
 1 cup cooked spinach contains 5 g protein; also not more than an egg.

Food is so much more than its nutrients. Nevertheless, check out the poster above and pay attention to the macros (carbs, protein & fat) on the foods listed and be the judge for yourself.

Thank you for reading! 
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