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Spreads: Sweet, Savoury or Nutty.

Ever wondered how some of your favourite spreads/dips ranked against each other nutritionally? Here is your chance to examine them side by side per serving. 

At first glance:

Calorie content:
Nutella, Peanut Butter and Almond Butter are all calorie-rich spreads. In fairness, they are made from items that are natural sources of fat such hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds and cocoa. However, the calorie content of Nutella and Peanut Butter are boosted by the addition of added sugars and added oils.
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Hummus contains the least amount of fat per serving, despite it containing added fats & oil such as tahini paste and oil.

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It should be noted, the saturated fat content of Nutella, Peanut butter and Almonds are from  natural or plant-based sources. Nutella has a higher saturated fat content due to it being made with cocoa powder, palm oil and hazelnuts; all are rich in saturated fat.

Here is a breakdown of how much saturated fat is contained within the main ingredients of these spreads:
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Sodium content:
Nutella wins as the spread with the most sodium per serving.

Total Carbohydrate 
Nutella wins as the spread with the most total carbohydrates and sugars per serving. The others (except Biscoff  spread) are fairly low-carbohydrate spreads and they contain negligible amounts of fibre.
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Added sugars content:
Nutella wins!  It contains 5 1/4 teaspoons of added sugar per 2 tbsp.
Biscoff Spread contains 1 teaspoon of added sugar per 1 tbsp.
Peanut butter contains 1 teaspoon per ounce.

Peanut butter wins as the spread with the most protein per serving. It provides 7 g protein per 1 ounce.

Micro-nutrient content:
Almond Butter wins as the spread with the most micro-nutrients (vitamin & minerals) per serving.  It provides fair amounts of calcium and iron.

Peanut butter wins as being the most economical spread. Commercially-made peanut butter fits into any budget regardless how small. However, unsweetened, natural peanut butter or organic peanut butter will be pricey.

BOTTOM-LINE:  We can see that Hummus, Nutella & Biscoff Spread calories come from mostly’s carbohydrates, whilst Almond & Peanut butter's calories come from mostly fat. Surprisingly enough, Peanut Butter contains more fibre and protein than Almond Butter and Hummus. However, Almond Butter has more micro-nutrients. Regardless, of wanting something sweet, savoury or nutty, it is best to be aware of the serving size and nutritional content when these spreads/dips are consumed.

 Food for thought!
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