Thursday, August 6, 2015

Skip the Jello. Eat Vegan Agar Agar Jelly Treats

Agar or agar-agar is a jelly-like substance, obtained from the ocean (algae). It is a great alternative for persons who do not consume animal products and gelatine. It comes in long translucent sticks or powdered or flakes and is relatively economical.  It is flavourless and can be used just like gelatine for most recipes, however, the texture of the final product may be a little denser than if gelatine were used. 

Nutrition-wise, agar agar  contains very little nutrients compared with the dried or raw algae form. Check out Food Thesaurus for more. Nevertheless, here are 3 lovely recipes you can use agar agar in, boost vegetable and fruit take.

1) Mango Coconut Jelly Cubes (Agar Agar)

2) Pouched Fruit Jelly

3) Carrot Jelly 

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