Friday, August 14, 2015

The Secret To Why Eggs Are Consumed

Eggs form an integral part of many persons diet primary for the economical price and protein content. This presentation shares with you other facts about eggs.

Fact 1: There are 13 nutrients in 1 egg. (Source: NutritionData)

Fact 2: 1 Large egg (50 grams) has 70 calories when cooked plain without the addition of fats, oils, milk, sugar.  e.g. Raw whole egg, boiled eggs,  poached eggs, plain baked eggs, microwaved egg (Source: NutritionData)

Fact 3:  1 Large egg (50 grams) has 6 grams protein (Source: NutritionData) 

Fact 4: Protein in egg is found in both the yolk and albumin (egg white). Albumin contains the bulk of the protein without the fat and cholesterol. (Egg white: Nutritiondata; Egg Yolk: Nutritiondata)

Fact 5: Eggs are consumed for their protein and micro-nutrient profile, however it is a poor source of carbohydrate. 1 egg contains 0 grams carbohydrates. It is always wise to consume eggs with some fibre-rich foods (whole-grains, beans, peas, vegetables) to help reduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed.   (Source: NutritionData) 

Fact 6: Eggs are known for being rich in cholesterol but they contain 2 grams saturated fat per egg. Whole-milk contains 5 grams saturated fat per 250 ml or 1 cup. (Egg Source: NutritionData(Milk Source: NutritionData)  

Fact 7: Eggs are a rich source of the vitamin-like nutrient choline. Choline is often classed with vitamin B. It is not made in the body in insufficient amounts, hence a dietary source is essential. Choline is important for proper liver, brain and nerve function, memory, and transporting nutrients throughout the body. Choline deficiency is rare but a severe deficiency can lead to liver damage. In pregnant women, choline plays an important role as it helps prevent birth defects, such as spina bifida, and is essential to foetus brain development. (Source: 1, 2)

Fact 8: Eggs can be cooked in the microwave but be sure to crack them into a glass bowl. (Source)  

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