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Grain Confusion Part 2: Whole-Grains

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Messages such as " Reduce consumption of refined flours and refined grains by switching to whole-grains"  are everywhere. Before, switching up your diet let's get to know the grains that are refined and those that are whole-grain. 

All grains start out as a whole-grain containing the bran, endosperm and germ (see whole-grain image above). Due to processing, the bran and germ parts are often removed, resulting in the whole-grain becoming a processed or refined grain. 

The primary issue with this is that, at least 60% of the nutrients in grains are found within the bran and germ. Nutrients such as zinc, vitamin E, phosphors, potassium, thiamine, folate amongst others. Non-nutrient fibre is also found.  When these two parts are removed, the nutrient value of the grain is reduced and can lead to nutritional problems when the overall diet is unbalanced. 
Grains to limit
Grains to enjoy

Nevertheless, the following posters below contain a list of commonly eaten refined grains  and their whole-grain form.

Reduce consumption of refined flours and refined grains by switching to whole-grains such as whole-grain pasta, brown rice, whole-wheat cous cous, whole wheat breads, whole-grain cereals

Check out the Pinterest Board for some Whole-grain supermarket finds:

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