Saturday, November 28, 2015

West Indian Rules to Eating Healthy

  • Keep added sugar in the diet to no more than 25 grams a day by eating foods that do not require you to add sugar/sweetener.

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  • Eat the skin of fruits and cooked vegetables, when applicable.

  • Reduce consumption of refined flours and refined grains by switching to whole-grains such as whole-grain pasta, brown rice, whole-wheat cous cous, whole wheat breads, whole-grain cereals. 
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  • Choose oils/fats wisely and use them sparingly. Preferred fat/oils: full-fat butter, ghee, coconut oil, sesame oil, cold pressed olive oil, avocado and olives.

  • Incorporate ample amounts of vegetables into all main meals consumed daily. Remember all forms of vegetables count, except fried. Click for 1800 kcal Sample day 

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  • Incorporate ground provisions and starchy fruits into your diet as a main staple rather than a side dish.                                                                           
  • Incorporate cooked legumes; beans, peas and pulse, into your daily, diet. E.g. stewed beans, roasted channa,  toasted split peas and tofu
  • Eat fish, poultry, rabbit instead of red meat, meat analogues, hydrolysed protein, protein isolates and processed/luncheon meats filled with mechanically separated meats, sodium nitrates (corned beef, salami, bolgna, tinned sausage, hot dog sausage, bacon etc.)

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  • Consume at least 3 cups of plain unsweetened water daily.

  • Eat wholesome foods from all food groups throughout the day.  You do not have to eat foods from all food groups at every meal but ensure you get a portion of food from each of the 6 groups, daily.
Keep these rules in mind when you start your day.
This ensures your body is filled with the nutrients needed in the right amounts. 

 Always seek help from a professional if you are having difficulty in eating healthy.

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