Sunday, August 5, 2012

Huge Guavas

If 100 grams of guavas contains over 400 mg of Vitamin C, could you imagine the amount of vitamin C in one of these guavas since they weigh 368 grams (L)  & 369 grams (R).
I have NEVER in my life seen a guava this huge. I mean this is huge; it's called a Cayenne Guava locally. I am familiar with the pink flesh guava and the white flesh guava. Both of which are small to medium in size, ranging from 20 grams to 150 grams, with the seeds.
I bet eating just one of these huge guavas would be a challenge. Not sure what the huge guava looks like on the inside because apparently it was picked too early and never got ripe; after three days at room temperature it was very firm and lacked a scent.

guavas are exceptional fruits that provide more nutritional value than an apple, so be sure to try it when ever you get the chance. If you are interesting in finding out how a guava stands up against apples and pears, nutritionally then be sure to visit my previous entry entitled 'Tropical Fruit: Guava, The Poor Man's Apple.'

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